So, you’ve narrowly avoided shutdown.

I would have written this earlier, but I was at a Shutdown Party (basically analogous to a very depressing New Year’s Eve).

Anyway, this is bad news. While I am, in general, against a government shutdown over stupid things, this would have been much stronger if we had shut down. Why? Because now the Tea Baggers and Boehner can go back to their constituencies with their sticky faces grinning and proudly proclaim “We did it! We beat those AWFUL Liberals* who wanted to beat up the Tooth Fairy and use her money to fund immigrants’ abortions!” Meanwhile, what can the Dems say? “In the interest of women having rights and air not being made of poison, we gave the Republicans everything they want. Now, they can have a vote on whether or not women should have rights and if air should be made of poison.”

Weak. Weak and pathetic. In this particular instance, there’s nothing that Dems could have really done (you know, except not tolerating this extremist crap for the past anywhere-from-two-to-fifteen year), but this is still bad news. People who think they are political “independents” will be lulled back into their sense of “Oh, well. I thought the Tea Party was too extreme, but when it came right down to it, they still support women’s health.” and they’ll turn out and vote for the same damned people again.

The Democrats will be doing nothing to tell people that Planned Parenthood doesn’t actually get taxpayer money for abortions, nor will they do anything to combat the Republicans’ lies, lest they hurt someone’s feelings. It’s a disgusting place to be right now for anyone on the “Good Guys'” side, because a third party candidate is extreme or stupid, but the Democrats have all the kick of white rice.

It’s nice that we didn’t have a shutdown and I’m glad that millions of people in the U.S. are feeling safer, but the Tea Party should have stuck to its guns and let themselves be exposed for the crazies they are.



*Am I the only one dismayed that “Liberal” became a dirty word for years, only to later be switched out for “Progressive?” Pretty soon, they’ll have to step it up again and start using a word like “Humanist** (though plenty in the more religious side already do use it to scare up votes).” Why have we allowed them to have all the power?


**Calling the Democrats liberal, progressive or humanist is laughable and an insult to anyone who gives a damn about progressing or humans.


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