Response to “It is Unacceptable to Allow Government to Play Politics with the Lives of Women”

After reading this blog post, I felt compelled to leave a comment. I’m reposting it here.

“This was a very good post. Thank you for writing it.

My issue with all of this is summed up in your headline: It IS unacceptable for the government to play politics with the lives of women. Why? Because, simply put, no other medical procedure is treated as terribly as abortion (though others that involve the lives of women as it relates to sex are more regulated than others).

I think that breast augmentation is silly. Is it the right of women (or even men) to add to their bust if they want? Of course. Are there risks? Yes. Is it necessary? No. Shouldn’t they just suck it up and accept that they aren’t ‘jug’gernauts? Probably. But is it my right to tell them they can’t do it? No way. Would there be an uprising if the government tried to regulate this the way they set up road blocks for contraception, voluntary sterilization and abortion? You. Bet. Your. Life.

Breast augmentation (to continue this hypothetical) is riskier than abortion and far less natural, but it’s easier to get one than an abortion in almost every state in the U.S. When I told my doctor in my late teens that I wanted to look into tubal litigation as a very real option, I was told no. I would change my mind. I would regret it. I’d meet the right man. I couldn’t make up my own mind because I was just a dumb kid. I’m older now and I still face the same things: Just a dumb kid, can’t make up your own mind. It’s insulting to women to create any legislation whatsoever to stand in the way of them making their own choices about what happens to their bodies. On the off chance I had found someone willing to perform the procedure that I had researched and decided was right for me and I *had* ended up regretting it, it wouldn’t matter. Know why? There are hundreds of thousands of children who desperately want families. I’d still be able to be just as much of a “mommy” without my ovaries as I would be with.

This also shows a horrific double-standard as it relates to women’s right to bodily autonomy: No one else in any other stadium of life is ever expected by society (or told by the government!) to compromise themselves physically for the sake of another. That is, no person can use anyone’s organs without consent. Rape is illegal for this reason. Black market organ harvesting is illegal for this reason, too. Courts have sided time and time again with family members of sick people who refused to donate their organs (there was a court case in Ohio in the 1980s wherein a dying brother sued his healthy brother for denying him a transplant — even though the healthy brother did not need two kidneys to live, the courts found that the sick brother’s “right to life” did not extend to include unwilling use of the healthy brother’s body). The thought that a uterus would be treated any differently than any other organ is another indication that our society has built up women as, for lack of a better term, subhuman: if you have a uterus, you should not get to choose what happens to it. Even if a fetus were a human life, there is no justification (logically, emotionally and certainly not legally) for it to have rights greater than any other living being, man or woman.

Again, a great post and thank you.”


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