Portrait of Obama as a One-Term President

Even before his inauguration, the our president’s detractors have said it is their goal to make sure Obama is a one-term president (which has somehow become a dirty word in the last two and a half years). They aren’t really the ones who control this (or shouldn’t be). Voters should not reelect a president because they realize how much better Candidate X is in his proposed policies, or look at his congressional/senatorial voting record and be floored by his innovations and proposals that made the country a better place.

Instead, they have engaged in a smear campaign against the president and all of his ideas and spent most of the time they do bother campaigning for themselves only informing voters that they were against XYZ that Obama did or that they will undo the few things he has managed to accomplish, while offering very few of their own ideas. Those ideas they have proposed are hateful (like the newly proposed H.R. 358 bill, which seeks to allow hospitals to refuse medically-necessary abortions to save women’s lives) or simply not feasible (like SD’s bid to make gun ownership compulsory in the state, just so they could say “Nanny-nanny boo-boo!” to Obama, who would not be affected by this legislation in anyway way).

Is Barack Obama unpopular? Yes. Is he unpopular because he is a really rotten guy who deserves to lose the presidency in 2012? I do not know. I sure don’t think so. On the surface, he seems like a good guy, but I haven’t been able to see many of his policies in action. He would not have been such a ‘do-nothing president’ if people allowed his ideas to go into effect. Most of what he has done has been swept under the rug and categorically dismissed as socialism. The 2010 election cycle boasted candidates whose only accomplishment advertised was standing against “Obamacare.” Websites like “What the fuck has Obama done so far” are a nice first step, but it is the job of the Obama administration to advertise these good things, not…someone, somewhere.

Democrats, voters and reasonable Republicans need to start working against the hate machine. It was not until well after most of the Democrats in Congress had been voted out that they saw fit to tell the American people “Hey, guys, health care reform doesn’t mean we’re going to come to your house and punch your grandmother in the face.” The flaccid rhetoric of “Um… Health care won’t, um… Excuse me? A-are you listening? Um… I mean, if it isn’t too much trouble…maybe you could… Um… Maybe you could listen to me for a minute? Um… Health care won’t make doctors go extinct. They’ll still make money and stuff…” cannot (and doesn’t) compare to a simple shriek of “OBAMA HATES BABIES.”

In short, Barack Obama probably will be a one-termer. If someone with more of a spine comes up in 2011, my vote will probably not go to Barry. He has alienated his constituencies by being quick to compromise and had two strikes against him from the naysayers before he was even elected (what with being a MuslimterroristNazfascisthippiesocialistcommunistangryblackman jerk and all). I recognize the need for compromise, but he compromises more things away than he should, especially when he should have learned the following things by now:

1. Your compromise will be publicized; what it actually does will not.

2. Those who don’t like you, aren’t going to.

3. Those who do like you are starting to not.

4. Unless you tell people what you’re doing before, during and after you take action, the Fact Vacuum will be filled by other people’s ideas of “Facts.”

5. You are the President. You don’t have as much power as people think, but you do have aids and staffers who could get the word out about what you’re doing. It won’t be easy or popular, but people are willing to listen to the truth* if it gets hammered into their heads hard, often and loud enough*.

*Or not, since 40% of the U.S. population still doesn’t believe in evolution.


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