No Tax-Payer Funding for Abortions

“As a Christian tax payer, I don’t want my money going to kill babies.”

That’s fantastic. In the U.S., everyone has their right to worship as they please. Take me for example: I’m a Quaker taxpayer and my faith forbids violence and warfare (as I’m fairly certain most sects of Christianity and most other faiths do, but with Quakers, it’s basically all we do*).

Out of this, I have decided that the next item for the Congress to vote on would be a “No Tax-Payer Funding for War” bill. I cannot in good conscience have my money going to something I am explicitly forbidden to support.

My tax dollars already go to things I do not support; war, religious hospitals that refuse abortions, rude children’s schools. However, if I were to petition the government for a bill against any of these things, I’m certain I’d be laughed off The Hill. Those who oppose abortion have the right to not have one, but they should not at all be allowed to pick and choose what their money goes to when the rest of us do not have the same right.



*The Quaker basically credo consists of recycling and not being belligerent .


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