I still like hot chocolate, though.

My mother bought some boxes of cocoa powder because she loves me and it’s Wintertime. They are regular Swiss Miss and Dark Chocolate Swiss Miss. Great, tasty, wonderful. I was delighted.

While idly reading the box at breakfast time, I noticed something that made me a bit uncomfortable.

In case the pictures aren’t clear enough, let me explain. The original cocoa powder has a white woman happily sipping her cocoa by a window, while the Dark Chocolate powder has a black woman and a man near a fire. In addition to being disproportionately sexualized (especially for a breakfast or generally winter-family-fun drink), this is also just a really stupid idea.

If Swiss Miss had wanted to be “inclusive,” they could have put the black woman on the original box. If they didn’t, they could have had the same woman for both flavors. To avoid any such insinuations of racial insensitivity, they could have had the white and black women switched on their respective cocoa boxes.

This probably isn’t racist, but it is really thoughtless.


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